Pointbreak is a boutique firm providing benefit and pension consulting and advice services.

We help our clients attract and retain the best employees through the design and management of effective and cost-efficient pension and benefit programs.

We do this by listening to our clients and anticipating their needs and concerns. We use our unique technical expertise and provider relationships to develop and manage a benefit program that is right for our client, and is cost-effective, financially competitive and financially stable.

Our cultural ethos places a premium on innovation, technical superiority, knowledge of the markets and understanding our clients. These qualities allow us to get beyond responding to client requirements; to anticipating clients’ needs and delivering advice and service proactively.

Human Capital Risk Management

HCRM refers to the risk associated with a workforce. There are 4 key risks that need to be addressed:

  • Attraction Risk – Ensure you get the best people
  • Retention Risk – Ensure you keep the right people
  • Health Risk – Protection to ensure that employees are healthy and contributing
  • Financial Risk – Provide peace of mind to employees so they will continue to be present and productive

Failure to address these risks can have a significant impact on the bottom line. We can help assess these risks and develop risk mitigation strategies.

Pointbreak – the name

Pointbreak is a surfing term, and it refers to a point of land that generates a wave; essentially, the infrastructure of a wave. In much the same manner, Benefits are the basic infrastructure of Human Resource policies and programs. Without a solid and financially viable Benefit program, other engagement programs and HR policies will not create the significant impact that is desired.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people will not move up the hierarchy until basic needs are satisfied. i.e. HR engagement programs are not effective if their safety and security needs are un-met. In Maslow’s terms, Benefits address the perception, and reality, of Safety and Security needs.

Until Security needs are addressed, other HR programs will not be as effective as expected. Once Security needs are addressed, the employer can then address belonging, esteem and actualization needs – which in turn creates a workforce that is engaged and productive.

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